What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast in 2016?

how to lose weight fast

You ask, what is the best way to lose weight? A lot of people might answer by telling you that you can exercise more, eat less etc. But for how long, exactly?

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In this day and age, you need more than this. What you need is a definite plan to help you achieve the body goals that you want and sooner than later.

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Here we answer your question by first listing a number of principals which can help you get in the zone and then combine these with the effective diet plans that you can opt for in order to shed those extra pounds you have gained.

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  1. PLAN:

    weight loss diet planOften you might have failed to plan a meal for your next night and ended up munching on those greasy, calorie filled fast food. The solution to avoid this is simple, make sure to plan your meal schedule ahead.

    You can do this, by making a list of meals you are going to prepare during the week, every weekend.

    Planning ahead will also help you save time when you won’t have to worry about what meal to take next that fits your weight loss regime.


    what body type are youBefore you decide on satisfying your mid-day/night cravings and munching on food, learn to ask yourself “Am I in fact hungry?”.

    This is important because a lot of us tend to eat when we’re bored, tired or sometimes even upset emotionally.

    Learn to know the signs about your body and try to cope with them through other methods such as going to the gym etc.


    exercise workoutIf you want to lose weight fast, make an effort to become more active. You can do this through exercise.

    There are a number of ways you can become active; you just have to find what you enjoy.

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    You can either sign up for a gym class, go for a walk or run, swim etc.


    healthy eating foodsWhen you’re out grocery shopping for the week/month, the best way to make sure that the food you’re eating is in fact healthy, is to read the packaging of the products.

    Many food products today are labelled as “healthy”, however, once you go over the nutritional information given on the packaging, you will be surprised to learn that these might not be as healthy as you think these are.

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The Diet Plans:

dash diet plan


    This particular diet plan stands for Dietary approaches to stop hypertension. It was designed in part by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in order to prevent high blood pressure. Its basic aim is not to lose weight, however, it provides with healthy guidelines, which can in turn encourage weight loss diets.

    How it works is that it is takes into account your age, activity level and then determines your prescribed calorie intake. It further mentions from which food items you can obtain these calories from.

    DASH focuses on eating fruits and vegetables and healthy grains. It suggests you to cut salt in your food.

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    hmr diet plan


    HMR which basically stands for Health Management Resources program, it uses meal replacement strategies and couples it with fruits and vegetables to kick start your weight loss. This eventually eases you into making a more sustainable diet change. See Decaduro Review for more details.

    Also, exercise is encouraged and it will interest you to know that only walking for 10 to 20 minutes per day is all that it takes to meet your weight loss goals when you opt for this program.

    You can purchase the replacement meals from verified resellers as well. A U.S News and World Reports sites that the diets where you are offered a replacement meal instead of choosing your own is more likely to help you lose weight. However, you will have to pay slightly more for the convenience.

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    weight watchers


    Weight Watchers is ranked as the best weight loss diet and it is also ranked as the number 1 in terms of the easiest diet to follow.

    Through this diet plan the participants are able to track their points (also known as Smart points). Further this diet plan provides its users with a significant number (4000 to be exact) of recipes to follow in order to lose weight.

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    Along with this, you can also calculate the points for your foods from the recipe list. Considering Weight Watchers is a mobile app, it makes it more easy and simple than ever to track your habits, wherever you are. It is estimated that that typically participants who use the Weight Watchers app lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

    The points system also makes it easier for the app’s participants to eat fruits and vegetables. In this way, you can not only achieve your goal to lose weight but also keep up with the required nutrients for your body.

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